SINOHOPE: No Authorization Granted to Any External Company for OTC Business in Hong Kong


Recently, we noticed that there were some external companies were offering offline OTC trading services in the Hong Kong under the name of SINOHOPE. We hereby clarify that we have never authorized any external company to conduct any form of OTC transactions in Hong Kong. If anyone other than an official SINOHOPE representative approaches you, claiming to offer or promote OTC trading services on our behalf, please exercise caution and report the situation through SINOHOPE's official information disclosure channels (official Twitter, official website, inquiry email). SINOHOPE reserves the right to protect its legitimate interests through legal means. Our company's official and only address in the Hong Kong region is: Room 702-3, 7th Floor, 100 Queen's Road Central, Central, Hong Kong.



Sinohope Technology Holdings Limited (stock code: 1611.HK, “SINOHOPE”) is an all-in-one platform for digital assets custody, focusing on digital asset custody and provides a variety of custody solutions to help every enterprise use digital assets safely and conveniently. SINOHOPE adopts MSC-CMP technology to support users to manage private key fragmentation and collaborative signature in a distributed way, which solves the single point risk of private key and effectively increases transparency and ease of use.
Adhering to the principles of security, compliance, professionalism and diversity of services, SINOHOPE provides easy-to-use centralized and decentralized mixed services. Based on the MPC self-custody platform and licensed digital asset custody services, SINOHOPE also provides customized OTC desk, virtual assets management, Web3 Full-stack Suite and other products and services for institutional and high net worth clients.
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