Gifts for Children in Poverty

Since June 2020, we have launched three gifts campaigns for children in poverty, with donations including children's day gifts, winter clothes, and watercolor pen gifts. Nearly 10,000 children have benefited from these campaigns, covering 31 provinces in China.

Provinces Covered
Childern Benefited
Campaign I: Donation Box for Happy Growth
Campaign II: Winter Clothes Donation
Campaign III: Colorful lives with Color Pen
Campaign VI: Children's Day Gifts for Children with Critical Illnesses
Children of the Stars Series of Charity Collections & Digital Collections Program
Gifts for Children in Poverty
Support Social Welfare

By combining blockchain technology with the public welfare industry, we can enhance the credibility of more public welfare projects, and achieve social recognition and development

Social Welfare Project Promotion
Social Welfare Project Promotion
The "Blockchain + Public Welfare Industry Innovation Competition" was launched from June to October, 2020, and more than 300 social organizations were involved, and 15 projects were selected.
15Selected-projects 300+Social Organization
Corporate Social Responsibility Conference
Corporate Social Responsibility Conference
Conference with well-known companies to discuss CSR topics, participating companies such as Starbucks, Mengniu, Siemens, Meituan, McDonald's, Herbalife, etc.
20Senimars 5000+Joiners
Digital Charity Collection
Digital Charity Collection
In October 2011, we joint launched the first digital collection with RAEX Oasis. Nearly $90,000 was donated to charity fund .
¥90,000CNY Donated Fund
Social Welfare Auction
Social Welfare Auction
“益起Meta” is a new brand of social welfare auctions, holding digital art exhibitions, charity auctions, and issuing digital collections. The profits from the activities will be donated to the charity fund, and its usage is recorded in the blockchain and is permanently traceable.
All Profits Are Donated
Epidemic and Disasters Donation Epidemic and Disasters Donation
Epidemic and Disasters Donation

We actively support donations and educational activities to support people with natural disasters and epidemic

Epidemic Donation for Hong Kong
In 2020, New Huo Tech along with Huobi Charity Limited donated anti-epidemic materials to Pei Ho (Ming Gor) Charity Foundation Limited and Kowloon Lok Sin Tong as soon as possible to provide basic guarantee of health and sanitation for needy people.
Donation for Flooding Rescue in Henan Province
Donated¥1 million RMB to Henan Province’s Flooding Control and Rescue by Chairman of the Board.
Relief Donation and Post-disaster Education
Donated ¥100,000 RMB for relief supplies in Henan Province, and organised post-disaster education for residents in severely affected regions, benefiting around 40,000 to 60,000 people.