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Hong Kong’s Crypto Ambitions Get a Boost From U.S. Crackdown
More than 20 crypto companies have said they plan to set up operations in the city
Lessons learned from FTX’s collapse mean crypto market’s future remains bright, New Huo Tech CEO says
The industry’s rapid, often volatile evolution – which in 2021 saw it described as ‘more like the Wild West’ – has heightened calls for greater regulation
South China Moring Post
Virtual assets outlook: Hong Kong expected to develop a thriving fintech ecosystem over the coming year
Leading companies in the world of virtual assets and Web3 set an optimistic mood for the industry
South China Moring Post
Huobi Tech to expand virtual asset ecosystem on back of strong results
Company's virtual asset business represents over 27 per cent of its total revenue, with HK$96.8 million generated in the first half of the fiscal year.
South China Moring Post
Huobi Asset Management and Top Value partner to launch blockchain storage mining fund
Huobi Technology Holdings Limited's (Huobi Tech) wholly-owned subsidiary Huobi Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited (Huobi AM), has launched an IPFS infrastructure mining fund, an important step in our Web 3.0 roadmap.
Hedge Week
More than 40 GameFi Projects Registered for NEXTYPE x Huobi Tech Find Future GameFi Hackathon, and Theme Day Series Campaigns Official Started
Find Future GameFi Hackathon jointly hosted by NEXTYPE and Huobi Tech has launched on April 4 with a $2,000,000 prize pool. This Hackathon is dedicated to finding excellent GameFi projec...
Crypto Mogul Adds Bitcoin, Ether Fund Listings to His Empire
Huobi Technology Holdings Ltd. has launched four cryptocurrency-related funds targeting $100 million in total assets by September, the latest attempt to ride a stunning rally in digital assets.
Raffles FO taps Huobi Tech to set up digital asset investment platform
Raffles Family Office (Raffles FO) has entered into a cooperation agreement with Huobi Technology Holdings (Huobi Tech) to establish a digital asset investment platform.
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[Chinese Only] 火币科技(01611.HK)表示,財經事務及庫務局局長許正宇日前發表網誌,進一步解釋虛擬資產相容監管、發展、傳統與創新的計劃,公司認為此體現出政府及相關監管機構引導虛擬資產行業合規安全、良性健康發展的意願。
Hong Kong-listed Huobi Tech launches cryptocurrency OTC service
Hong Kong-listed virtual asset platform Huobi Technology Holdings has launched a cryptocurrency over-the-counter (OTC) service, the firm announced to Cointelegraph on Wednesday.